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Flash to a 6 year old looking at a huge billboard, a red Jaguar, interesting but not really what I wanted. I wanted a Ferrari, a red one. I had seen one in a movie. Nice. When I was about 13 years old, long ago in a land far, far away, New Jersey to be exact. My dad was trying to figure out how he managed to order Road & Track magazine. No one had a clue to how this happened. (Ok, so I figured out how to add Road & Track to his bill along with all those golf magazines!) Baron Wolfgang Von Tripps, Peter Revson, and that new guy, Sterling Moss, kept the racing news interesting. Auto racing influenced my choices in many ways. The day I got a TR-4 I didn't know how to use a clutch, my parents said, "no driving on the highway for a while." Okay. No problem. Found every way I could to get around and put 250 miles on the car that day without crossing a highway. Found all the guys I knew from High School with sports cars and got them to teach me double clutching, etc. Ha! (Yes my father checked the odo told him the route I had taken.) Double HA! I attended Ithaca College. Yes, it was a great school but it also happened to be on the way to the Glenn, Watkins Glenn. You could watch the racers and their cars going through Ithaca. Switched schools, switched majors to Industrial Design, met Tony and let him autocross my TR-4. We worked out a deal, if he was my mechanic, he could campaign my car. Good thing, because he kept blowing up the clutch. Clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, became my mantra, and so it went, time that is. Married Tony, came back from the Air Force with a VW. We traded the VW and a couple of hundred dollars for a 1960 356 B, red and the rest is a long, long story.

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