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"Tony and his team have been an incredible help to my cars and my wallet!
I have never had to bring them back for work not done correctly, and all work was done in a timely and professional manner.
No matter who worked on my cars ( Mark, Jim, Gary, even Tony) I drove away with a confidence I have rarely found in other shops."

Thank you Carl's Place, 900 Series Motor Sports!"
Paul Helvin - Las Vegas



"I just wanted to let you know that I arrived in South Florida safely and my Porsche ran beautifully.
It was such an amazing experience. You guys have made it possible for me to keep driving my Porsche and that alone, means a lot to me.
Thank you again for such excellent customer service and just being a good friend!!"

Markus Tracy 1985 Red 911 Carrera.


2006 Cayenne
Stock Photo

I picked up a used Porsche Cayenne at a local BMW dealer and the moment I drove out of the lot, the fuel pump died. Regardless, it was fixed by the dealer. Anyway, after this somber experience I decided to take it to Carls Place to see if anyone there would be kind enough to inspect it, in case anything else was about to break. Tony came right out and was very friendly! He gave the Cayenne a test drive, inspected the entire car, checked under the hood, and even made sure the tire pressure was correct.

Not only that, but he also gave me quite a few pointers about owning a Cayenne and so on. He's probably the friendliest car shop person I've ever met. In fact, I asked him about a few mods and he could've tried to stick me with a lot of expensive stuff, but instead he gave me some good ideas for mods and didn't pressure or rush me into buying anything. I have yet to encounter this level of customer service at any other place in this city, as the norm is that those places that treat you well are really out to take as much money from you as they can - but not at Carls Place. It really seems like they're out to help you in an honest and friendly manner. Thanks again for your kind help Tony, I'll be visiting you guys soon for anything I need regarding the Cayenne!!



Steve's Porsche

I'd like to thank your shop with this photo of my '73 911 that you took such good care of. Your work was professional and of a quality only one with a true passion for Porsches can appreciate.
While I think nearly everyone in the shop had a hand in getting the car roadworthy, I'd like to say a special thanks to Gary who did the rebuild and got the MFI to pass state emission testing and to Brant who always kept me informed as to the status and cost of the work.
The car now runs as great as it looks. So long as I am in Las vegas, I will have all my Porsche service done at Carl's Place.

Steve Maslen - Las Vegas


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