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Deceptive Packaging

Deceptive Packaging
By Tony Mazzagatti

How aggravating is it to pick up a big candy bar only to find that the candy inside is only a tiny fraction of the size that the package promised? More and more products now have really large packages and the size of their contents wouldn’t even rate a mention in Cosmo. On the contrary your Porsche defies all logic when it comes to packing all the necessities and some of the frivolities that you need on a long road trip. Of course a little ingenuity might come in handy also.
Case in point: Diana and I drove to Sears Point Raceway (sorry, now they call it Infineon Raceway) in Sonoma, CA. for a weekend Golden Gate Region time trial. We covered 1,465 miles all told and had to carry all of the usual items needed for a race weekend like clothes, tools, tires and munchies. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can pack in a 911 even with a full roll cage hogging most of the usable space in the back seat area. Of course we haven’t owned any hard sided luggage since we got our first used 356 coupe in 1967 and some of our most versatile designer bags have been black with drawstrings and said Hefty on the side.
Always looking for a new challenge we arranged to have a friend of ours meet us at the track to return an old set of Fuchs wheels that I loaned him over four years ago. Why pay for shipping when we had a perfectly good Porsche to bring them home in. After all it’s only about a 615 mile trip. Fortunately he took the tires off so we were able to stuff them in places you wouldn’t expect. I don’t carry a spare so one fit nicely in that area and two more actually fit in the trunk also. The fourth was stood upright in the back seat after snaking it around some of the roll cage structure. Almost everything else was soft and pliable enough to serve as much as packing material around the less than malleable items.

Here is a list of most of the contents that made the trip with us:
One 50” x 60” roof rack
Four 16” Fuchs wheels with race tires on the roof rack
Four 15” Fuchs wheels without tires in the trunk and back seat
A tool bag that weighs as much as I do
One plastic storage box with tools, parts, supplies and raw materials to make parts
One hydraulic floor jack
Two quarts of oil
One pint of brake fluid
Two sports bags with racing clothes, books, cameras and stuff
Two bulky but light ski jackets
One 15”x24”x8” soft suitcase
One helmet
Four dayglo orange plastic cones
One folding chair
Two liters of water, one large bag of Tootsie Rolls, one box of Ritz Crackers
One wife (original equipment)

Of course when the weather gets hotter we also tie a 10’ x 10” EZ-Up tent on the roof rack on top of the tires. Since our car is red with yellow wheels and roll cage it’s appearance has been compared to something out of the Ringling Brothers Circus. Perhaps that description is more appropriate than at first thought. Instead of a bunch of clowns climbing out (only one really) it’s just as entertaining to see all of this stuff magically appear. Now you know why I just laugh when I hear someone say they had to sell their Porsche because they didn’t have room for the new baby.

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