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It was a tough battle…

It was a tough battle…
By Tony Mazzagatti

The competition was going to be tough. There are 219 members in the Las Vegas Region of PCA. What kind of campaign did I need to mount to convince all of those members to vote for me as Vice President over all of the other potential candidates? Was it going to be a personality contest or one of substance and issues?  Did I have a big enough war chest and volunteers for advertising, travel, debates and bribes?

Grow up!! The easiest thing in the world to do is to become an officer or board member in any region of PCA. Trust me. I’ve done it numerous times in many regions all over the country. The bad news is that the losers or usually the lack of competitors never got the opportunities that I have had to influence the direction of the club and enjoy the camaraderie that are some of the benefits of getting involved. And I’m talking about involvement at every level whether it’s a board position, event chair or the numerous volunteers that make the club really work. It can be fun, time consuming, political, fun, frustrating, fun, rewarding, fun or all of the above simultaneously. I find that it can be just as aggravating to sit back and let everyone else to do the decision making. At least this way I can sometimes get my way by being loud, obnoxious, and temperamental or any of the other traits that I’ve learned from kids and spoiled pets over the years.

We’re all busy and have better things to do. At least that’s what we think. How do you know that being an event chair or volunteer, advertising person, newsletter editor or just attending some of our events or social functions isn’t sometimes the better thing?  There is only one way to find out. If you own a Porsche and have joined the club then you owe it to yourself to enjoy their benefits. Sometimes that means doing nothing, sitting back and just reading your Panorama but usually it means getting involved, discovering the varied backgrounds of the members, contributing your two cents or learning how to drive better than any of your friends think you’re capable of. Just remember that if you don’t get involved you’re going to be stuck with the way I like to do things. Bummer.

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